Revolution's Jaden Gray (WVA) & Abby Miller (PA) Named State Player of the Year!

Club Information

Projected costs are based on the following: tournament entry fees, membership fees, instruction, facility usage, equipment costs, uniform fees ($270 new procedure) and administrative fees.  Tournaments added beyond the original schedule will result in additional fees. Fees may decrease or increase based on the total number of teams at each location as well as the total number of players per team. All players will need to purchase our new uniform package based on 2019 changes to the USAV uniform rules.  Additional tournaments have been added to the 2019 season from last year, which results in an increase in fees from 2018 to 2019.

2019 Season Fees (uniform package figured in amounts below)


18 White: $2,583

17 White: $2,777

17 Black: $2,577

16 White:$2,777

15 White: $2,604

14 White: $2095

12 White: $TBD


18 White: $2,000

17 White: $2,600

16 White: $2,600

15 White: $2,350

14 White: $2,350

13 White: $1750