Club Information

Projected costs are based on the following:

  • Tournament entry fees, membership fees, instruction, facility usage, equipment costs, and administrative fees.
  • Fees may increase depending upon the number of players selected for a team.
  • Tournaments added beyond the original schedule will result in additional fees as well.
  • Note the fees below do not include the uniform package. New members of the club will need to purchase a uniform package ($271) at their own expense. Returning members can purchase replacement uniform pieces at their own expense as well.


There are two payment options for the season.

Option #1. Pay one time, in full, the amount of the season fee with a credit card, via PayPal. Note, there will be an additional $75 fee that you should add onto the season fee amount to cover charges. This payment will be due on November 23.  Revolution’s PayPal can be found using the following email; [email protected]

Option #2. Pay by check/cash/money order in 4 payments: November 22, December 15, January 1 & February 1. November’s payment will be in the amount of $1500. The three remaining payments will be divided equally by the remaining balance. All payments should be mailed to: Revolution VBC (9234 Newburg Road, Newburg, PA 17240). Included should be the players name and team name (ex: Mary Smith & PGH 16 or Mary Smith & Cburg 15). Please allow 5-7 days of delivery time to arrive on or before the date due. Payments will be deposited on the due date or day after and not before. Payments should NOT be given to coaches. You may also make one payment in full by check/cash/money order on November 22 as well.

2022 Season Fees ($75 additional fee if paying by credit card)


18 White: $2,486

17 White: $,2,515

16 White: $2,515

15 White: $2,515

14 White: $2,618


18 White: $3,000

17 White: $3,100

16 White: $3,100

16 Grey: $3,100

15 White: $3,000

14 White: $3,000

14 Grey: $2,700

13 White: $2,400

12 White: $1,100