Congratulations to all of the athletes and their families who have become members of Revolution Volleyball Club! #REV2021


Philosophy: The staff at Revolution Chambersburg is looking forward to the 2021 season. At Revolution Volleyball Club, our purpose it to build up the hearts, minds and bodies of young people. The length of a club volleyball season provides the opportunity for each individual athlete and team to demonstrate growth in a variety of areas (i.e., athleticism, sport-specific techniques, volleyball “IQ,” and intangibles). These four pillars serve as a design framework for both practice and competition. We are proud of the girls for their hard work and success from the 2020 shortened season and look forward to building upon that success for 2021. We also appreciate and value the relationships that developed between the athletes, parents and staff. These are important elements of the overall program.
Facilities: All Chambersburg Revolution Tryouts will take place at Hagerstown Community College ARCC. Various practice locations will be announced soon. 
Teams and Ages: We are anticipating fielding five teams this season. We continue to maintain a priority of quality of program over quantity of teams. Each team has an age/skill-appropriate training partner. We anticipate having one team at 14s, 15s, 16s, 17s, and 18s.
Practices: TBA
Tryouts: You will need to have a Google account (Gmail) to register for our online tryouts. Please be logged in to your Gmail before clicking the link to register. We would prefer for athletes to attend all tryout sessions for their age group to fairly evaluate them.  Given the restrictions and current head count limits for COVID safety, we have establish an effective way to run tryouts for this season. All tryouts will take place at Hagerstown Community College ARCC (11400 Robinwood Drive, Hagerstown MD 21742).
Chambersburg Tryouts: Dates and times can be viewed by clicking: Tryout Schedule
If you cannot make it to a Chambersburg tryout session for your age group, please notify us at danie[email protected] so we can try to arrange other means of assessment.
Arrive healthy and not posing a risk to other participants.Practice recommended hygiene practices including frequent and thorough hand washing/sanitizing, covering mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing, and avoid touching face, eyes or mouth.

No high 5s, huddles, linking up or unnecessary contact.

Arrive on time donning a face-covering. CHECK IN TIME begins prior to your assigned start time.

Non-participants/Spectators – to minimize risk of disease transmission in Revolution’s facility non-participants are not allowed entry. Drop off will occur outside the facility.

Do whatever is reasonable to avoid the need to use a restroom while at Revolution facilities. If an athlete must use a restroom while on-site, please check with gym attendant for access if locked.

Arrive dressed for training and fully prepared to enter the court.

Bring a large and full water bottle sufficient to get through entire session.


Check Temperature – must be below 100.4°

Ask and answer these questions:

  1. Am I and have I been symptom free, including fever (with or without medication), for at least 10 days prior to coming to the gym?
  2. Have I had close contact/exposure to anyone known to have or suspected to be ill with COVID-19 or a carrier of Coronavirus in the last 14 days?

We are excited to be able to host activities and provide the joy of participation in volleyball; it does, however, come with a responsibility. If they cannot answer “YES” to all of the questions listed above we ask that they not come to the gym.

Additionally,athletes must stay home if they are sick or do not feel well regardless of known or suspected cause. We are asking parents to monitor their health and report any symptoms or illness to an administrator.

Athletes will be given a court assignment for their training session. They should report directly to the court with their full water bottle and still wearing their face-covering.

During Training

  • Before entering the court, athletes will thoroughly sanitize their hands using hand sanitizer.
  • Athletes will take all reasonable measures to maintain social distancing. No high 5s, huddles, linking up or unnecessary contact. Avoid contact with your face, mouth, and eyes.
  • All player breaks during gym activity will be taken on the assigned court. Movement in other areas of the facility should be extremely limited and always done with social distancing in mind.
  • Only touch the volleyballs designated for your court.


At the End of Training (ca. 5 minutes)

  • Athletes may be asked to assist with court turnover sanitization process.
  • As athlete is leaving the court, athletes will gather any items and thoroughly sanitize their hands and water bottle exterior using hand sanitizer.
  • After athletes complete their activity and leave the court surface, they must replace their face covering and practice social distancing.


Upon Exit

  • Training schedule has buffers to avoid congestion in the foyer as athletes enter and leave building.
  • Please do not loiter in the facility after activities and be mindful of social distancing in the parking lot and other facility areas.
  • Properly dispose of any trash generated while in the facility.
  • Take all items home including water bottle. Sanitize water bottle (inside and out) and clean all clothing and gear as soon as possible after leaving gym.
  • We will not be maintaining a lost and found until further notice. Items left behind will be discarded.


Parent Information: 

We will be holding a virtual information session via Zoom in mid-October. This will allow families to hear about Revolution, meet some of our staff, understand our club philosophy and training model, and ask any questions about this upcoming season.


The priority this season will be on quality training for all athletes and recruiting/exposure in whatever form that can take for our older athletes. We are looking at new ways to help our athletes with recruiting in a time when future college opportunities are changing and when showcasing talent may have to happen in a different atmosphere. Tournaments will be icing on the cake, as large, multi-day events may not be possible this season in the months we normally would be competing.


  • staff to support athletes with recruiting
  • Use of cameras and live streaming during practices to showcases our athletes
  • Hosting of Rev Showcases to bring in college coaches to evaluate our athletes and those from the area (discount price for Rev players)
  • Continued use of HUDL as a recruiting tool
  • Printing of promotional materials to distribute to coaches while teams are on the road
  • Improved website to publicize our athletes (new photos and bio piece)
  • Support to our athletes from all staff to help guide the college search and find the right fit



The thing we are most excited about for the upcoming season is our STAFF! We have been able to gather an amazing group of coaches to work with our Revolution athletes for this season, and we are looking forward to continuing to build on the culture and climate in the gym that makes us Revolution. Our website is being updated to include photos and bios to introduce you to our coaches. Each team will be supported with their own Head and Assistant Coach.