Revolution's Jaden Gray (WVA) & Abby Miller (PA) Named State Player of the Year!
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    “If I got to do it all over again, I wouldn’t change a thing. Revolution, including it’s players, coaches and everyone else in its far-reaching family, opened the greatest opportunities for me as a player and a person.”

    Maggie Harding | Penn State Univ.

    2 NCAA D1 National Championships

    4 Big Ten Championships

    ’10 Revolution Alum


  • Revolution represents at Capitol Hill Classic!

    Revolution REPRESENTED in our Nations capitol! With 292 clubs (900+ teams) at the Capitol Hill Classic, Revolution was one of the most successful clubs overall! Rev Cburg 18 Open: 5th/47 Rev PGH 18 Open: 3rd/47Rev PGH 17 Open: 9th/61Rev Cburg 16 Open: 37th/61Rev PGH 16 Open: 9th/61Rev Cburg 15 Club: 15th/93Rev PGH 15 Open: 9th/61Rev Cburg […]

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  • Revolution off to a STRONG 2019 Season!

    A great opening weekend of play for Revolution at the ECP Challenge! A weekend of competition, growth, sisterhood and community among all members of Revolution!  #gorev#OneRevolution#RevolutionStrong#Rev2019Rev PGH 13: 2nd/14 (American)Rev Cburg 14: 1st/14 (American)Rev PGH 14: 9th/34 (Open)Rev Cburg 15: 2nd/15 (American)Rev PGH 15: 7th/42 (Open)Rev Cburg 16: 8th/48 (Open)Rev PGH 16: 3rd/48 (Open)Rev Cburg […]

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