May 30, 2018

Revolution has successful Memorial Day Weekend!

A strong showing by our 9 Revolution teams that competed this weekend at Happy Volley (State College) and ECC/Beast of the East (Pittsburgh)! Our 9 teams had a combined match record of 59 wins and 17 losses! The dedication of our athletes, coaches and support of our Revolution families were on full display this weekend!

#gorev #RevFam

Happy Volley

  • Rev Cburg 14W: 3/29 (club)
  • Rev Cburg 15W: 3/13 (open)

ECC/Beast of the East

  • Rev PGH 12W: 5/11 (select)
  • Rev PGH 13W: 1/23 (select)
  • Rev PGH 14W: 5/15 (BOE)
  • Rev PGH 15W: 1/15 (BOE)
  • Rev PGH 16G: 11/23 (BOE)
  • Rev PGH 16W: 1/23 (BOE)
  • Rev PGH 17W: 3/23 (BOE)