Revolution off to a STRONG 2019 Season!

A great opening weekend of play for Revolution at the ECP Challenge! A weekend of competition, growth, sisterhood and community among all members of Revolution!  #gorev#OneRevolution#RevolutionStrong#Rev2019
Rev PGH 13: 2nd/14 (American)
Rev Cburg 14: 1st/14 (American)
Rev PGH 14: 9th/34 (Open)
Rev Cburg 15: 2nd/15 (American)
Rev PGH 15: 7th/42 (Open)
Rev Cburg 16: 8th/48 (Open)
Rev PGH 16: 3rd/48 (Open)
Rev Cburg 17: 6th/10 (17/18 American)
Rev PGH 17: 5th/41 (Open)
Rev Cburg 18: 6th/26 (Open)
Rev PGH 18: 10th/26 (Open)