April 9, 2019

Revolution takes on JVA World Challenge!

Revolution Club represented at the JVA World Challenge, Louisville KY. At one of the top two strongest national tournaments of year our Rev PGH 16’s brought home the GOLD with 4 additional teams finishing in Gold Brackets! The Revolution love was contagious on all our team’s courts throughout the entire tournament! #OneRevolution#RevStrong#jvawc

  • REV Cburg 18s: 9th/48 (Gold Premier)
  • REV PGH 18s: 23rd/48 (Bronze Premier)
  • REV PGH 17s: 2nd/32 (Gold Premier)
  • REV Cburg 16s: 23rd/55 (Bronze Premier)
  • REV PGH 16s: 1st/55 (Gold Premier)
  • REV Cburg 15s: 31st/84 (Silver Club)
  • REV PGH 15s: 9th/48 (Gold Premier)
  • REV PGH 14s: 18th/32 (Copper Premier)